Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vote for our Studio Artist Valerie Turton.

 Valerie Turton has made it through to Culture Clouds top 101 finalists with the chance to exhibit her work at the New Art Exchange, but now she needs your help . . .

About the competition:
Culture Cloud is an exciting new art competition, which innovatively bridges the digital and physical art spaces to showcase and discover new art talent from across the UK. The competition takes part in 3 stages. In the first stage, a team of curators from the New Art Exchange in Nottingham and its partner galleries, had the difficult task of narrowing down over 900 submissions to the 101 works you can now see on the Artfinder site.

Your votes will decide which 40 works will make it through to the 3rd and final stage: the Culture Cloud exhibition at New Art Exchange. The overall winner will receive a cash prize of up to £2000, a personal iBook and the possibility of a future solo show at New Art Exchange.

How to vote for Valerie:
Visit her work on the Artfinder website, and follow the instructions... here.

Palomar: Private View 13th June 6 - 8pm.

You (our Surface followers ) are cordially invited too...



14th – 27th June 2012
Private View 13th June 6 – 8pm

 This exhibition will be based on ideas of observation and perception, and brings together the work of Kate Brigden, Dylan Shipton and Pippa Gatty.

‘In identifying a constellation the decisive proof is to see how it answers when you call it. More convincing than the matching of distances and configurations with those marked on the chart is the reply that the luminous dot gives to the name by which it has been called, its promptness in responding to that sound, becoming one with it’ Mr. Palomar (Vintage classics 1999 page 41)
‘Palomar’ takes it name from the 1983, Italo Calvino novel, Mr. Palomar. Through the eyes of the title character, the reader goes on a journey of mundane but highly individual and profound musings. Mr. Palomar tries to explain and define his own existence by trying to find order and reason in the complex and chaotic world around him, thus highlighting the mind’s need to break the natural world up into neat categories, so enabling us to understand how it is all put together. 

For more information on this show please visit our website here.

Release: Nottingham Trent University’s 16th annual Photography Festival.

 At Surface we love working with the local community and this years graduating photography students where great, they all worked very proffesionally and made our space look amazing.

We wish you all the best of luck now you have graduated, and maybe you will be returning with your own solo exhibits one day? 

Keep an eye out on the blog for future updates of the exhibiting graduates from this show...