Monday, 25 February 2013

Pert & Simple

Holly James and Anna Salmane

March 13th to March 23rd 2013

{title}“Pert” and “Simple” are two adjectives that James and Salmane most frequently use when discussing art. However, the artists cannot agree whether these terms should be ascribed to the aesthetics of their work, the conceptual aspects of their practice, or their personal beliefs as to what art in general should be; the exhibition visitors are invited to judge for themselves. 

Fluorescent Weaving by Holly James

Saturday 16th March, 14:00: Both artists will be leading a tour of their exhibition and will be on hand to discuss their practice and answer any questions you might have about their work.
Entry to the exhibition and talk is free.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

NTU FESTIVAL 2013 The Coming Community: The Community... that never comes

Effy Harle, Beth Kettel and Chris Evitts

February 27th to March 2nd 2013
Surface Gallery presents The Community…that never comes, a durational performance piece generated by Effy Harle, with the collective effort of participants including – among other NTU Fine Art students – Beth Kettel and Chris Evitts.
Their assembly ventures into landscapes of uncertainty without the alluring shiny armoury of visual aesthetics. Deprived of the linguistic arsenal of their cant, both performer and viewer stand unarmed, bare to the void of the elevated gallery space. 
Exploiting the limits of human effort we explore the notion of the Sisyphusian labour in respect to regenerating failed ideas of community. Running faster and faster towards inevitable collapse, progress becomes an illusion of all-time political rhetorics. The act of surrender is a vertigo around this fixed point. 
The minimalistic set up of this theatre of the absurd invites the audience to invent new strategies of viewing; to engage with the presented scenario as an ongoing event that shifts and changes as the exhibition progresses. The space transforms into a site of continuous mental and physical activity, indicating retreat as a natural element of growth.
Private View - Tuesday 26th February 6 - 8pm

NTU FESTIVAL 2013 The Coming Community: Revolve

Wain Marriott and Rebecca Scofield

February 20th to February 23rd 2013
The audience are invited to venture and explore the environment that Wain Marriott and Rebecca Scofield have created. With the audience interaction the exhibition is in a constant state of change and work is discovered and rediscovered from various points across the floor. Perception and interpretation is in a constant revolve.
With a focus on notions of the temporary and of duration materials are played against each other across both practices exploring transitional features of a material.
Both practices are bound together through not only materiality but through an interaction that sits at opposite ends of the scale through their physicality. The precise nature of Wain Marriott’s practice sits against the frivolity of Rebecca Scofield’s. The luminosity of Rebecca’s bounces off the natural palette of Wain’s.
The interacting contrasts result in the creation of a narrative that the audience dictates through their movement and interaction with the work and space.
Private View - Tuesday 19th February 6 - 8pm

NTU FESTIVAL 2013 The Comming Community: Process and Produce: Promotion

Paige Ockendon and Hannah Florence Cresswell

February 13th to February 16th 2013
Surface Gallery presents Process and Produce: Promotion. An exhibition and event collaboratively curated by Paige Ockendon and Hannah Florence Cresswell. An enquiry into commercial production and promotion takes place via a display of immersive video installation and performance. The private view presents the opportunity to see an exclusive event where the work is shifted back into its live format. Such actions will examine the sharing of convictions between artist and audience through performance and participation.
Mutual interest in demonstration and distribution results in both artists combining existing and new works which, in this new context, focus on the production and promotion of products: products that emulate the principles of fashionable ideologies and have been chosen for both their usability and vulgarity. A forceful approach to advertising, executed with a subtle mocking tone creates an atmosphere of humour whilst occasionally revealing glints of a more sinister realisation.
Offer available for a limited time only.
Private View - Tuesday 12th February 6 - 8pm