Wednesday, 6 February 2013

NTU FESTIVAL 2013 The Coming Community: The Community... that never comes

Effy Harle, Beth Kettel and Chris Evitts

February 27th to March 2nd 2013
Surface Gallery presents The Community…that never comes, a durational performance piece generated by Effy Harle, with the collective effort of participants including – among other NTU Fine Art students – Beth Kettel and Chris Evitts.
Their assembly ventures into landscapes of uncertainty without the alluring shiny armoury of visual aesthetics. Deprived of the linguistic arsenal of their cant, both performer and viewer stand unarmed, bare to the void of the elevated gallery space. 
Exploiting the limits of human effort we explore the notion of the Sisyphusian labour in respect to regenerating failed ideas of community. Running faster and faster towards inevitable collapse, progress becomes an illusion of all-time political rhetorics. The act of surrender is a vertigo around this fixed point. 
The minimalistic set up of this theatre of the absurd invites the audience to invent new strategies of viewing; to engage with the presented scenario as an ongoing event that shifts and changes as the exhibition progresses. The space transforms into a site of continuous mental and physical activity, indicating retreat as a natural element of growth.
Private View - Tuesday 26th February 6 - 8pm

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