Wednesday, 6 February 2013

NTU FESTIVAL 2013 The Coming Community: Revolve

Wain Marriott and Rebecca Scofield

February 20th to February 23rd 2013
The audience are invited to venture and explore the environment that Wain Marriott and Rebecca Scofield have created. With the audience interaction the exhibition is in a constant state of change and work is discovered and rediscovered from various points across the floor. Perception and interpretation is in a constant revolve.
With a focus on notions of the temporary and of duration materials are played against each other across both practices exploring transitional features of a material.
Both practices are bound together through not only materiality but through an interaction that sits at opposite ends of the scale through their physicality. The precise nature of Wain Marriott’s practice sits against the frivolity of Rebecca Scofield’s. The luminosity of Rebecca’s bounces off the natural palette of Wain’s.
The interacting contrasts result in the creation of a narrative that the audience dictates through their movement and interaction with the work and space.
Private View - Tuesday 19th February 6 - 8pm

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