Saturday, 25 July 2009

Open Show 2009

This years 'Open Show' here at Surface Gallery is successfully underway. The exhibition consists of the following artists: Dean Melbourne, Michael Douglas, Kate Tilley, Delphine Perrot, Edward Sellman, Jenni Whitehead, Kiera Blakey, Sam Clift, Laura Taylor, Louise Garland, Chantal Powell, Thomas Wright, Clinton De Menezes, Judith Alder, Eve Wheate, Ian Maslen, who were selected for the show. The show includes work ranging from sculpture, painting and drawing, to film, installation and new media.

Whilst sitting in the gallery space inviligating the soothing tune featuring along- side Judith Alder's film installaion creates a pleasant accompaniment whilst preparing finer details to our next up-coming exhibition 'East Midlands Finest', exhibiting 22nd to 29th August 2009.

The private viewing for the 'Open Show' was a great success and allowed visitors to have a sneak preview of the diverse selection of artists from a variety of different backgrounds, each contributing their own unique compnent within the show. So, pop down to Surface Gallery and enjoy a leisurely and creative experience! The annual exhibit ends 7th August.

By: Ella-Jane

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

yum yum - submissions galore

11 07 09

First off: East Midlands Finest Exhibition
Noontime: voles start the process of selecting the best art of the Midlands from a shortlisted selection of grad shows from across the county whilst I quietly invigilate downstairs and read a few articles from a magazine – most notably on Tom Lovelace. How appropriate.

Second: Open Show submissions – the shortlist
A flurry of last minute arrivals filtered through on Friday.
By Saturday an array of voles were gathered in critical positions to view, discuss, and decide upon the art in front of us.
Art projected onto the big white expanse of wall with keen eyes casting judgment over the mountains of arty entries. It was a slow process, but absorbing nonetheless.
Piles of yes no maybes grew.
Finally a decision was made...and this weekend the shortlisted will arrive with art in tow ready to be exhibited on 23rd July. Phew!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

ANNEXINEMA 03/07/2009

Last night Annexinema returned to Surface Gallery for the second time to show a new programme of experimental films under the theme of Writing. Hosted as part of Broadway's screenlit festial, the programmed delivered an interesting varied collection of short art videos ranging from the 1970's to more recent pieces made in 2008.
Hightlights of the programme included Volker Schreiner's 'Teaching the Alphabet', Simon Ellis 'Telling Lies', Ian Nesbitts 'Machine Poem #14' and B.S Johnson 'You're Human Like the Rest of Them'


Tom Lovelace Private View

Thursday evening saw the Private View of Tom Lovelace's solo exhibition 'The Cut' at Surface Gallery. Returning one year after winning Open Show 2008, Tom also gave a talk about his work, the ideas behind his pieces and the things which have inspired his art practise.

The exhibition comprises of three bodies of work made during 2008/2009, Site 407, Ruptures, and Unit 2. In these pieces Tom explores his relationship with the industrial landscape using photography and sculpture to create an interesting and varied exhibition. 'The Cut' will be running at Surface Gallery until 15th August.


Friday, 3 July 2009

The weather may have taken a turn for the worst and made today’s tasks a little wetter but volunteers at the gallery are powering through! Preparations for our upcoming Open Show are gradually coming along with several more submissions in the post today to take a look at – next weekend sees a big meeting to organise and select which works will make the show; should be pretty exciting! But for today we’ll have to settle for snatching surreptitious peeks at the Wimbledon semi-finals between opening envelopes and tapping away at the computer…

Annexinema are busy above us setting up for their second event here at the gallery, ‘Writing’, with a selection of films ranging from the amusing to the experimental. Definitely work a look for the modest £3 entry fee. With the contents of the bar having already arrived and many a plinth having been sourced from around the gallery for various purposes it looks like things are coming together well in time for opening tonight at eight.

The opening night of Tom Lovelace’s exhibition ‘The Cut’ went off with a bang last night with a great turn out. Tom’s show is a particularly interesting one as he was actually the winner of our Open Show 2008 over twenty-three other exhibiting artists – well done Tom! If you missed the private view last night, swing by the gallery before the 16th and take a look at these haunting industrial landscapes…