Tuesday, 14 July 2009

yum yum - submissions galore

11 07 09

First off: East Midlands Finest Exhibition
Noontime: voles start the process of selecting the best art of the Midlands from a shortlisted selection of grad shows from across the county whilst I quietly invigilate downstairs and read a few articles from a magazine – most notably on Tom Lovelace. How appropriate.

Second: Open Show submissions – the shortlist
A flurry of last minute arrivals filtered through on Friday.
By Saturday an array of voles were gathered in critical positions to view, discuss, and decide upon the art in front of us.
Art projected onto the big white expanse of wall with keen eyes casting judgment over the mountains of arty entries. It was a slow process, but absorbing nonetheless.
Piles of yes no maybes grew.
Finally a decision was made...and this weekend the shortlisted will arrive with art in tow ready to be exhibited on 23rd July. Phew!!

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