Saturday, 25 July 2009

Open Show 2009

This years 'Open Show' here at Surface Gallery is successfully underway. The exhibition consists of the following artists: Dean Melbourne, Michael Douglas, Kate Tilley, Delphine Perrot, Edward Sellman, Jenni Whitehead, Kiera Blakey, Sam Clift, Laura Taylor, Louise Garland, Chantal Powell, Thomas Wright, Clinton De Menezes, Judith Alder, Eve Wheate, Ian Maslen, who were selected for the show. The show includes work ranging from sculpture, painting and drawing, to film, installation and new media.

Whilst sitting in the gallery space inviligating the soothing tune featuring along- side Judith Alder's film installaion creates a pleasant accompaniment whilst preparing finer details to our next up-coming exhibition 'East Midlands Finest', exhibiting 22nd to 29th August 2009.

The private viewing for the 'Open Show' was a great success and allowed visitors to have a sneak preview of the diverse selection of artists from a variety of different backgrounds, each contributing their own unique compnent within the show. So, pop down to Surface Gallery and enjoy a leisurely and creative experience! The annual exhibit ends 7th August.

By: Ella-Jane

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