Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday musings

Today was a busy day at the Gallery indeed. It is nice to gear up towards the end of a show on high!
From getting various graphics for the Banalarama show delivered to the Gallery, to being warned some structural work on the pavement outside occurring tomorrow morning (fingers crossed it will be over midday-ish as promised!), things seemed to be happening and people seemed to be popping in all the way during my own invigilation shift which lasted until 3 pm. Hopefully the 'late shift' proved to be as popular :-).

We got a visit from the fine arts students from the New College Nottingham. Collaborating with arts students at all levels, and in various ways, is something we at the Gallery are quite interested of, and no doubt will do more of.
It's important to let students know that places like the Surface Gallery exist, and it's always nice to speak to upcoming artists brimming with ideas and enthusiasm!

Someone asked me about the submissions to the Open Show, which will be opening later in July this year during the course of the day.
The submission form is available on the website, with the final submission date being the 30th of June 2009, at 6 pm the latest. So there is still time to submit work for consideration! The application form explain the process, which is simple enough.
Every artist can submit three (3) pieces for consideration, with a £10 fee for every submitted piece of work. Work in all media will be considered, but it needs to be posted for submission (e-mailed works will not be accepted).

So get picking ;-)!


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