Thursday, 20 August 2009

Not so much crying..

..but cleaning in the rain!

We're busy preparing for the East Midlands Finest here at the Gallery, and part of it always includes the housekeeping stuff. Hence why my good self has been sorting out the rear area and started on cleaning of the shed. In practice the latter means wiping away cobwebs and hoping that none of those pesky spiders responsible land on my head..
The plan is that if the weather is going to be nice, we can have the bar area for the privatwe view outdoors so we can enjoy both some art and the weather.
Too bad that it has now started to drizzle down. Fingers crossed it will pass and in 24 hours' time we will have some sunshine to last us all day!

As always, I am writing the blog in the office area, and upstairs is filled with noise - hammering, the Smiths playing, talk. It's all action as per usual, and it's looking pretty good already. Hope to see you here!


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