Tuesday, 31 January 2012

International Postcard Show 2012

Last Tuesday Surface Gallery was proud to open its doors for our first exhibition of 2012 The International Postcard Show. Curated by Surface Gallery, this long-standing annual exhibition features 265 original artworks connected solely by their 4” x 6” format. The show brings together works by established practitioners, students, new comers and international artists from as far afield as Europe and USA, with each individual postcard acting as a celebration of the diversity in practice and location of the participating artists.

Before the days of emails, Facebook, and Twitter people would send postcards that time-travelled all over the world as a way to 'keep in touch'. This year we have introduced an interesting interactive aspect to the International Postcard Show as visitors, inspired by the exhibition, you can create your own personalised postcard at Surface Gallery. Come and write to loved ones, estranged friends, or your neighbours and get reconnected by the satisfying process of writing and sending a simple postcard.

Our Family friendly exhibition will be open to the public untill Saturday 11th of Febuary, and these original artworks are also for sale throughout the exhibition, priced at just £15. An ideal opportunity to discover up and coming artists and to buy some original work for an affordable price.

For more information on our opening times and how to find us please click here.

Photography credit to Matthew Hoyland. 

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