Saturday, 20 February 2010

Laura Taylor: Speedboat Matchsticks

Laura Taylor returns to Surface Gallery to exhibit a solo body of work after her success at last year’s Open Show 2009, which saw Laura achieve prize-winner status with her innovative mixed-media installation Something That Produces Results, Kulit (2008).

The exhibition Speedboat Matchsticks derives from experiment, play and the relationship between form and function. The work is characterised by loose and chaotic assemblages of motorised scrap, dismembered toys, daubed paint and hanging string. Functional objects are combined to become functionless (whilst still functioning). These constructed mechanisms are composed in the style of ‘over engineered apparatus’, retaining a continuous rule to engage and amuse, rather than to fulfil a purpose. The juxtaposition of colour flickers, pulsates and moves, encouraging the viewer’s visual tension.

Laura Taylor's work flirts between opposites: order and chaos, work and leisure, the everyday and the sublime. Each construction speaks of optimism, whilst simultaneously poking fun at the inevitability of failure;

“When spun, when dropped, when pulled, when squeezed, when burnt, when frozen, when bent, when twisted, when blown, when snapped, when bounced, when cracked, when shattered, when ruptured, when split, when smashed, when pushed, when yanked, when hit, when spoiled, when dented, when scratched, when rolled, when turned, when broken…….”

‘The Observation of Objects’ 2008. L.K Taylor

The Opening Night will be held on Friday 26th March, between 6-8pm. This will be a great chance to view the work for the first time and meet the artist.

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