Saturday, 13 February 2010

Measure and Purpose: Glimpses from the Private View

'Measure and Purpose' is an intriguing exhibition of instillation style art. The display draws strength from an exploration of scientific method and the mental processes humans go through to integrate with nature. Once entering the darkened gallery space, the work seems to draw the viewer in for closer inspection. The choice to dim the lighting works well with the concepts of the exhibition and adds intrigue, focusing attention on the work.

The exhibition successfully combines a variety of media such as ceramics, paintings and technical instillations.

Presented in varying scales, the work draws the viewer around the space. It is also nice to see the use of light boxes as presentation units in the floor space. Kate Bridgen and Pippa Gatty's work is thought provoking and presents their personal journey. The viewer can connect with the artwork, leaving a lasting impression.

Hannah King

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