Tuesday, 19 October 2010

NEW EXHIBITION 'Terra Incognita'

Terra Incognita

Emma Dexter and Kashif Nadim Chaudry

Surface Project Space

22nd October – 12th November

Private view 23rd October 6 – 9pm

Surface Gallery invites international artist Emma Dexter and 2008 and New Art Exchange, Nottingham Castle Open winner Kashif Nadim Chaudry to install work responding directly to its newly renovated Project Space. ‘Terra Incognita’ which translates as ‘Unknown Ground’ explores transcending cultural barriers and subterranean themes as well as uncanny humour, desire, sensuality and identity. Elements of constructed realities and their potential to unravel are latent in the contributions of both artists.

Emma Dexter’s influences are a mixture of surrealism and issues surrounding today’s social culture. Her work is also autobiographical and informed by her obsession to translate the world around her. She recently returned from a residency located in the jungle, Las Pozas, Mexico. Emma’s unique relationship with Las Pozas has had a profound influence on how she sets about and articulates her more recent work and this is evident in ‘Terra Incognita’. For this exhibition Emma will be installing conceptually challenging sculptures with the subtext of cross - referencing between them. Questioning ideas on mortality, global disarray, decadence, perspective and identity. The pieces in this exhibition are colour associated, personified and will impose on the senses.

For ‘Terra Incognita’, Kashi Nadim Chaudry will make a new sculptural installation entitled ‘Harem’. On a conceptual level he deals with the death of desire and an exploration of his own transgressive sexuality as a gay man. From a pile of fabric, meticulously arranged in a kaleidoscope of colours, an arrangement of six ghostly figures slowly emerge, revealing their cloth covered corpses in all their anatomical detail. Desire has never been so tangible.

‘Terra Incognita’ opens 22nd October 2010. Surface Gallery welcomes all to come and explore these investigative and exciting art works. Opening hours are Tuesday – Friday 12pm- 6pm and Saturday 11am- 5pm.

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