Friday, 1 October 2010

Project 29 "Surface"

Project 29 is an exhibition featuring three artists (Carl Slater, Sally Angela Davies and David Ashton Hill)

The exhibition examines site specificity not exclusively as a genre but as a problem idea, as a peculiar inquiry of art and spacial politics that theorises the re-configorations of location. Combining art and site with the possibilities of intimacy through absence, distance and raptures of time and place - here the focus is a site that travels between two points of reference. It is a part of the River Trent that wends its way between Gunthorpe and Trent Bridge and the journey from there to a gallery space. The work intends to engage with site orientated study and the process at which ideas, objects and materials are gathered from one into the other, theorising the transformation point between the subject/object and the location through post modern conditions.

There will be an Artists Talk on Wednesday 6th October 2010, at 7pm

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