Friday, 13 April 2012

Surface Loves: Left Lion #46:The Making Of

LeftLion issue #46 Cover Art from Polymath Pictures on Vimeo.

We are loving the collaberation for the front cover of Nottingham arts and culture magazine Left Lion with local graffiti artist Dilk. Even more so because the art work is in the Snienton area of Nottingham where we are based.

During the collaberation Left Lion and Dilk also got Polymathpictures involved to 'make a film that shows an artist and craftsman at work rather than just document the process of painting a mural.' Left Lion wanted to 'concentrated on the details - little things that an artist does to make their work their own.' and in return Polymath Pictures created a short film which in its own right became a peice of art.

We would explain how great the artwork and craftsmanship is, but we feel the video does that for us.

For more information on the collaberation please visit LeftLion.

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