Saturday, 9 May 2009


It saturday at the Surface Gallery and as usual there's lots going on. Sam and Gemma have been busy giving interviews and inducting new volunteers. It's exciting meeting new voles, and as the expanding network of volunteers grows so will the gallery which as an exciting new space has heaps of room for development and new opportunities. 

Meanwhile I'm manning the gallery space. Its a penultimate day of Banalarama and we've had a few people in seeing the exhibition. I am currently feeling inspired and putting some thoughts and notes together for a review type piece of writing on the show. 

It's getting to that time of year again where degree shows are nearly upon us. It's scary to think that just this time last year I was busy wrapping up three years of creative work into one final exhibition, and even more scary how quickly the time has gone by since then! I'm sure that any final year students reading this will be feeling the pressure right now..
Here at surface gallery we are all also excited about 2009's up and coming degree shows. First of all we will ourselves be hosting one of the Nottingham Trent's Photography BA exhibitions. PHOTORADAR is this years festival and marks the 13th year of these annual shows and promises to be just as exciting as last years. This exhibition will be on from the 1st - 12th June, make sure you check out the surface gallery for further information on the exhibition and the artists involved.
Also here at Surface Gallery we have an exciting new idea in the pipeline for an exhibition in the summer which will showcase some of the best work and talent coming out of the East Midlands. It's all very exciting stuff!


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