Friday, 29 May 2009


.. The Gallery foyer, that is. How very strange..

..except it isn't.
In anticipation and preparation of the upcoming Photoradar show, the Gallery is going through yet another makeover. Gone is the white foyer, and replacing it is a beautifully light lemon colour. Very summery indeed, which is becoming, knowing the weather in Nottingham at the moment!

Inside, it's all systems go. Paint, walls being altered, various DIY implements all over the place, banging and controlled chaos..roll on the opening day, the 2nd of June.

Typically it's been a bit hectic so it has been a while since the last update, apologies for that. And maybe one day we will actually manage to post some more pictures to this blog too - a lot of them are on the Gallery computer, it's all a question of digging the out of the right folders and posting them ;-).
Sadly my own technological expertise is not enough to be able to post anything from my own phone (that's what you get for being to smart and getting a phone that is a bit too clever for you!).

However, we now have a Flickr- account - find us at


Adios for now!


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